Critical Thinking

This page contains a list of questions/problems generated from each post and will be updated daily.  You will be responsible for these questions.

  1. Describe the process for making a standard solution.
  2. All chemicals had to be massed prior to leaving.  Why can’t we use balances on the ship?
  3. Why is acid always added to water?
  4. Why must we work quickly to analyze our samples? What contaminants can affect the results?
  5. How do you use a standard curve to determine unknown concentrations?
  6. Define LeChatelier’s Principle.  Give three examples of a stress that can be applied to a system at equilibrium.
  7. What is a redox reaction?  How is it balanced?
  8. Define molarity and molality.  Give an example of when to use each.
  9. What is an isotope?  Why are they important?
  10. Define fluorescence.  Why is the light emitted a longer wavelength than the incident light (the light that is shone into the sample)?

One thought on “Critical Thinking

  1. Ms.Babbin, do we have to answer all of the critical thinking questions too along with the assignments? Or just for the last assignment, we have to just answer 3 of the critical thinking questions?

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