Rough Seas Ahead

We set sail Tuesday afternoon and spent most of the day traveling to our first testing site.  The boat was moving a lot more than anticipated – it’s taking longer to find my sea legs than I expected.  Until then, I just bounce side-to-side a bit…it’s a good thing no one is required to walk in a straight line!

Once we departed, the science team attended a required safety presentation given by our awesome 2nd Mate, Chris.  He showed us a video and demonstrated proper safety procedures.  One safety measure we must do in case of emergency is to put on an immersion suit – it’s similar to a wetsuit that divers and surfers wear, but covers us fully from head-to-toe.  As the only member of the science team to have never work one, I had to learn to put it on.

It’s not easy  There’s a ton of neoprene to get over your body and it’s a tight fit (as it needs to be). I looked (and felt) like a lobster! We also discovered I’m much too short to wear a regular suit! Pictures to come – I promise!

Students, I added a new section titled “Critical Thinking.”  It contains a list of questions that I will be generating during my time at sea.  You will be responsible for answering some of them as part of your final paper, so make sure you are checking them occasionally!

We’re setting our first cast to collect water samples at 4:30am so I need to go make sure everything is prepped for the nutrient experiments.  I will post more later.

Until next time,

Ms. B.


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