The adventures of a science teacher at sea


Over the next two months, I will be posting about my experiences as I join Princeton University’s North Atlantic research expedition.  The topics I will discuss include: life as a scientist and onboard the vessel, the science of what we are studying, the daily activities in a science lab/how to run experiments, and anything else that I find informative/interesting/just plain awesome.  Luckily, I will have a whole bunch of scientists with me to provide even greater perspectives for you to read!

For my students: you will be required to read and comment on various posts.  I will also be posting assignments and discussions for you to complete, which will be incorporated into your classwork.

For everyone else: feel free to complete the assignments too 🙂 In all seriousness, I hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures!

Until next time,

Ms. B


6 thoughts on “The adventures of a science teacher at sea

  1. I am so glad for you to be on the research expedition! I hope you learn a lot from your research expedition too because its not just students who learn everyday, anyone can still keep learning something new everyday.

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